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(Currently) I am a slave to a nomic. It's not that bad, actually. At least I get paid, unlike the administrators of any other nomic with which I've been associated.

The nomic for which I am working is the California district of a national association of pediatricians. I do legislative tracking. Which means, I follow the California State Senate and Assembly bills that the executive director has deemed pertinent to children's health issues as they are introduced, read to committee, and finally brought to the floor for voting. At certain points in this process, my job is to inform the pediatric representatives of this association of the text of any bill, the views of other associations interested in health care, and facilitate the formation of the opinion on the bill of my association.

The pediatric representatives are the players of this nomic. I am the administrator or drudge who gathers the proposals, communicates them to the players, counts the votes, and delivers the results of voting.

Every nomic should have a paid staff.

At the end of October, 2001, I shall be furloughed. It seems that this particular nomic expects a decrease in revenue and cannot afford to fund my staff position.