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Subudian or Subud Related nodes


The Latihan of Subud


Susila Budhi Dharma

Sayid Anwass


Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel

Subudian Noders - Myself, Orecalimo, Arthyr and OZielke

If you know any other Subud related nodes or noders, please message me, as I'd love to put togther enough links for a proper index node.

The answer to the last question of the week is of course Snowy, as depicted in Tintin on the Moon.

Question of the Week:

Who was the first dog to walk on the moon, wearing a space suit?

Message your answers for a grand prize of one pat on the back!

Things I plan to node.

Hayek's "Competition as a Discovery Procedure"; Early modern economic growth and technological progress through market integration; Marx's Law of the Tendancy of the rate of profit to fall; and much, much more!

Comrades, I must announce I have fallen out of love with my former socialist icon Will Hutton of the Observer, due to his views on the current proposed laws on religious hatred.

My new neo-Keynesian hero is Paul Krugman, of New York Times columnist fame.

For all the fans who upvoted my dodgy writeups, I hope you enjoyed them whilst they lasted, as I have now cleansed my homenode into respectability.

"My Son, In a former Discourse I have endeavoured after my manner briefly to teach thee two things: The first is Piety, how to fear God aright, according to his Works, and Word: The second is Policy, how to love and serve thy Country"

from Thomas Mun's "England's Treasure by Forraign Trade".

Answer to lst weeks question (shown below). Lord Hutton is running the enquiry into the death of Dr. Kelly. Jabba the Hutt, a gangster boss, died a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, on a planet called Tatooine. Will Hutton is director of The Work Foundation and a (very good) writer for The Observer, and is also the author of such books as "The State we live in" and "The World we live in". The former is an evaluation of Britain’s economy, and particularly the (under)performance of public services. The latter is a comparison between the US economy and that of the EU. Hutton finds the US economy to be over hyped, and views the EU model to be the best for Britain to pursue.

New!(*from 10th October 2003 ish) Question of the Week! Which one of the following is running an inquiry into the death of a prominent weapons scientist? Is it -

A: Will Hutton,

B: Lord Hutton, or

C: Jabba the Hutt?

Message your answers for a grand prize of one pat on the back! (Metaphorically, because I will only be able to message it back to you, unless you are able to track me down and force my hand to make physical contact with your person. Please only do this if you are an intelligent and attractive female of 17 to 21 years of age, or there abouts).

(*20th October 2003: Answer above)