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If anyone told me I was going to get some strange muscular visitors, I would have dressed for the occasion...I would have worn eye shadow...I would have said things like:
eh, hey baby, going my way? or maybe come around here often, hot s.tuff?
or possibly even is it me, or are you naked under those clothes?

I'm young, and I do those young people things that young people do.

If you really wanted to know more about me, you would find me and as.k me. Have a nice day : )

Ne manges pas trop des bonbons. Sois-sympa à les lapins et les tatous.

A little something, for that ballerina in my heart -
Close your eyes
Give me your hand
Do you feel my hea.rt beating?
Do you understand
Am I only dreaming?
Or is this burning an eternal flame?

nodes I enjoy: poo garlic post-it notes non-lethal chicken stunning mallets soup