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King of Sweden 995-1022 (approx.)

Years of birth and death unknown, but believed to be 980 and 1022 respectively.

Very few hard facts are known about this man, who is generally considered to be the first king of Sweden. There are two important ones, though: He was king of all of Sweden, i.e. both the Swedes and the Geats, and not a "local" king or chief. He was also a christian, and one of the first rulers in Sweden who was baptized.

Other information about Olof is sketchy at best. There isn't even a good explanation of the "Sköt" part of his last name ("konung" means king). Some scholars think that it may have something to do with the Swedish word for tax or treasure, "Skatt". Olof was not known to exert taxes from his subjects, but he had a group of English minters make coins with the inscription "Olof, king of the Swedes" in latin. These coins would then have been given to his allies as gifts, and may have earned him the name "treasure king"

Olof was allied with the Danish king Sven Forkbeard, who also married Olof's widowed mother. The two kings defeated the Norwegians under king Olav Tryggvason at the battle of Svolder in the year 1000.