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Bryan Brown, Australian actor (come producer), born in Sydney on 23 June 1947. He married Rachel Ward in 1983.

His films include: The Irishman, Breaker Morant, F/X, Gorillas in the Mist, Cocktail, Twisted, which he also directed, and most recently Dirty Deeds.

Bryan Brown is an integral part of the Australian Film Industry. He is probably best known for the combination of suave and the broad Aussie drawl.

He produced a series called Twisted Tales for late night television. The task began by putting out a call to Australians to provide him with scripts. The idea of a lot of what Brown produces is to develop and protect the Australian film industry.
He recently said:

"Film-making is in our blood. We'd made 14 films before Hollywood had made one. It's in our blood, storytelling."