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People. Things. I don't want to live this life.
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Missing the frabjous funky frozen Twin Cities E2 whirling festival of doom
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Dispite not really knowing the man, /me misses Sensei. He seems like one of the better people out there.

As for me?

I'm a bit of a geek in black, I suppose.

According to Keirsey, I'm an INFP.

However, I fluctuate. Everything is in a constant state of change. It appears to be faster for me.

Although I'm not old enough to vote, I have an active interest in politics. I consider myself a quasi-libertarian pseudo radical liberal with socialist leanings.

Whatever that means.

I often understand and even agree to a certain extent with conservatives, but think that their policies would result in loss of liberty. For example, I think abortion is a (necessary) evil, and encourage efforts to promote safe sex and adoption in place of it, but don't want it illegal.
All in all, I suppose I'm actually a quai-libretarian radical liberal with socialist leanings who is actually a closet moderate, but not really, although in a certain sense...

Screw that.

I have weird, but definable political views. Nyah.

I am now a half-assed vegetarian! By limiting myself to one meat product a month, I can drastically reduce my support of evil slaughterhouses, while still occasionally enjoying Kung Pao Chicken! Try it, you've nothing to lose (save for some muscle mass due to lack of protein)

I tend to overuse the <p> command.

I can be reached at

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I bookmark anything I consider well written, presenting an decent arguement, or funny. Check it out, ya'll.

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