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I'm finally back home from a road trip to FearCon in Salt Lake City and to also visit my adorable little granddaughter who is driving my kids crazy. Her new words are "I need it" and "I want it", as though those were all one needs to get anything they desired.

Anyway, I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be for NaNoWriMo and for getting to Adamantium level in the Iron Noder Challenge. I spent a couple of hours writing up the beginning of a Western novel for my son-in-law since I found out he was a closet avid reader. I'm going to make my SIL into the sidekick. The main character gets too much sexy action that would cause issues for my daughter.

It's around eight in the morning my time and I've posted eleven nodes that have not been nuked yet. I figure I can spread out the three missing days across the month and just write around 25 nodes daily to hit my goal. Don't worry, most will be posted as hidden so I don't flood the new writeups nodelet.

If you're considering giving Iron Noder a go, contact mauler to get on the list. I hope to see your name etched in THE HALL OF THE IRON.

Iron Noder 2017