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FearCon is a horror genre convention based out of the Salt Lake City, Utah area. For 2017, it occurred on October 24th and 25th. Like many Utah conventions, this was a Friday and Saturday con. Sundays are normally reserved for religious reasons for Mormons.

2017 was the second year for this convention. They had a large vendor room filled with orange-themed booths. Twisted_Missus and I had a table filled with books by both of us and prints of her cosplay and pinups photographs.

There were several panels, but unfortunately there was no actual panel room. The section was curtained off and the noise from the rest of the hall tended to overpower the speakers. At times they played theme music from horror movies that made it impossible to hear questions and comments from the audience.

One thing they did right was to get some mobile entertainers. There was a ten-foot tall Frankenstein and his lovely similarly-tall bride. Pennywise the clown went around giving away balloons and being deliciously creepy. On occasion Leatherface ran through the aisles with a gas-powered chainsaw (sans chain).

They're planning on another convention in 2018. The website is at http://www.fearcon.com and it's normally held at the Salt Palace.

Iron Noder 2017

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