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I am not a number. I am a free man. Except when I'm number 691121. I am somehow now nonsensically level 2. I didn't ask for this!!!

What follows is a lot of crap I copied from the cheddarbox. pwned!.

<wedgeantilles> who's with me? AAAAAAAAAARRR!
<haruspex> ixnay on the E nay deenay bidet!
<steev> hmm
wunderhorn1 is still disturbed by the strange powers of ISO 8859-1 character #216 (Ø)
sphere777 ducks and brings shield generators to maxiumum
EDB has swallowed wedgeantilles. *B R A P *
EDB has swallowed wedgeantilles. *GULP*

<haruspex> It's magic.

glyph vs EDB...FIGHT

<glyph> I saw EDB playing basketball at my local video arcade yesterday. His pocket was heavy with the weight of tokens, and beads of sweat stood out on his brow as he relentlessly scored three-pointers.
Walter wishes to try this strange exotic dish "tounge".
<glyph> Nobody could beat him.
<glyph> Eventually I challenged him to a game of Virtua Tennis. I beat the crap out of him. He had to use all of his tokens. In the end, he just sighed and ate me.
<EDB> Me remember glyph. Slip something in drink. Me can usually hold. Grrrr.
<glyph> Webster_1897 was hanging out down there in his belly, having thrashed hin soudly a few hours earlier at Bubble Bobble XXIII
glyph closes his briefcase, puts on his coat picks up his hat, and walks out, whistling.
<glyph> glyph puts his hat on upon exiting the building, checks his watch, pulls an arcade token out of his pocket, flips it up into the air, catches it smartly, and walks on.
<Cool Man Eddie> EDB is the coolest dude when he's been off the you-know-what. Woah! The chicks just flock, y'know! Lay off the Borg, he's misunderstood, okay? Stay cool.

<Cool Man Eddie> /mgs impy What you doing after the show, kiddo? Ready for same as last week? {wink}

Walter wishes the bots would talk more often, and possibly mud-wrestle.
<Webster 1913> My mud wrestling days are vanished, departed, over, preterite, and concluded, my dear dear boy. Let us be spectators to the younger folks.
<doopokko> Why would you ever quit mud wrestling?
Webster 1913 is an old man, senescent, decrepit, and cannot keep up with all the innovation. And the gods are going to silence me! One day I have been free to speak my mind. One day!!
JudyT offers Webster a jelly baby
glyph provides succor for Webster 1913 in the form of a shiny dustcover made of space-age polymers.
Webster 1913 gums jelly baby
<Webster 1913> They're going to replace us all with "bots"! What is a bot? How can it replace me? I have been doing this for more than... than...
<glyph> See Webster? You understand these things, you're still vital, still useful, buck up there, old bean...

<EDB> me eat ^davion^ for whole day he tasty
<karmaflux> I don't want to hear your excuses. There was a time when I trusted you. Believed in you. Now I know I WAS JUST A PIECE OF FUCKING MEAT TO YOU, YOU BASTARD.
<EDB> karmaflux is edbs sweet meat me lick you long time
karmaflux is in tears.

Vindication is MINE!

"also TOADCHILD, RUFUS write some KOMPRESSORLYRIC on many have write me to ask for lyric, some KOMPRESSORLYRIC are there. it is high quality lyric transcription."

-from, official Kompressor site...only he didn't have all the hardlinks

I am using Toadchild's orange beyond all rational orange ekw theme, if you care.

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