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To enjoy sharing some info. And to learn to ignore trolls.
Chem, Genetics, Botany, Air-planes (mroaww), sorta computers.
University of Tasmania (yes, it is a real place). Oh, and it's officially called UTas now.
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University of Tasmania
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Right. A little blab.
First, just to explain a few things, I'm usually fairly concise. When I get that feeling though, I go on and on and on and on... so just skip large portions if you feel it necessary. Nonetheless, that's one of the things I'm trying to improve here.

Anyway, what am I?
Born in Corpus Christi, Texas and left just over a year later, I've grown up in Australia. So while I have two pasports, I'm pretty much ocker.
Currently live in Hobart, Tasmania, which I think Orpheum's write up catches wonderfully. Truly a beutiful city.
I'm here because of Uni. In fact, the University of Tasmania, shock horror, which the dean has recently seen fit to rename UTas. It is here I'm studying for majors in Chemistry and Botany (more for the genetics than anything else).

That's about all I feel like saying at the moment. Maybe chuck some more in later. Like when I get DSL (hah!) and am bored in my room. Or have an assingment. Or Exam. You get the picture.