Sean Collins (born May 9, 2002), better known by his stage name Seaning, is an Australian rapper, songwriter and producer. Born in Alice Springs, Northern Territory yet raised in Darwin, Australia. He has released one official album, and several singles. By 16, he had released his first song, 'Unstoppable' (2018) which was followed by a series of singles; gaining recognition for 'On The Hook' (2019). Bizarre & Ill (2019) is Seaning's debut album, independently released in September, 2019. Intent on further pursuing a career in music, he goes on to produce and create with a local rap group from Darwin, MSON (Making Something Outta Nothing)


Sean Collins was born in Alice Springs, and moved to Darwin at a young age. Seaning began pursuing his musical path at 16, after he entered MaxxonPriddy’s 2018 song contest where Seaning released his debut song ‘Unstoppable’ (2018). Through the next years of his life, he would continue to create music. For five continuous weeks in 2019, he would actively and independently deliver a song each Friday from late March until early May under the title of It’s F**king Friday. During the same year, Seaning started working on a separate project; an album planned to release later that year, Bizarre & Ill (2019).

Early 2019, Seaning's friend Ricky Fenwick introduced him to his neighbor, an aspiring rapper, Mikhali known from his stage name, Magoo. The two began collaborating on music upon arrival. As both would rap, Seaning would mix the vocals beginning with one of Magoo's earliest songs, 'Gold Outta Nothing (feat. Seaning)' (2019). Ricky had previously planned for them to meet at a party but as Magoo arrived to the event, Seaning was passed out on the lawn gaining a nickname 'Sean on the Lawn'

During 2020, he had begun meeting members from a local rap group in Darwin, MSON (Making Something Outta Nothing). Seaning’s first pro-marijuana song was released on his 18th birthday called ‘Blazing Edge’ (2020). Members from MSON had heard the song prior to release and had invited him into the rap group making Seaning one of the youngest members of MSON


Albums by Seaning

  • Bizarre & Ill (2019)

Mixtapes by Seaning

  • It's F**king Friday Saga (2019)

Singles by Seaning

  • Blazing Edge (2020)
  • Miss Perfect (feat. Seaning) (2019) by Magoo
  • On The Hook (2019)
  • Sinister Growth (feat. Seaning) (2019) by Magoo
  • Ohh! (2019) * Gold Outta Nothing (feat. Seaning) (2019) by Magoo
  • My World (2019)
  • Michael Jr. (2018)