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I'm a student, late-high school, possibly early-post-high-school-meltdown if it's summer where you are. (I'm bad about updating this bit.) I bag groceries, I write screenplays, I blog about Thoreau. I'm also a fairly new and quite sporadic e2 contributer, and so I suppose you must forgive me if my writeups are occasionally--what do the kids say?--"teh suck." If you like my work, send me a note to that effect: I log on much more often than I post, and if I feel like people want to read something of mine, I'm much more likely to write it.

8.19.07 - I start reading Ender's Shadow. I realize that the short story I've been thinking about developing into a novel sounds a lot like the first hundred or so pages--bilingual street kids carving out an existence in a future-Earth city. The fact that the kids are bilingual in my story owes a lot to Ender's Game, but beyond that, I thought the concept was fairly novel for an adventure story. I posted the story yesterday as-is and I've decided to shelve it for now, at least until I see how the introduction to Ender's Shadow turns out so I can avoid every last plot point. For example, having Cutter join a military training program or killing off one of the girls would probably be bad. Update 1.03.08: I'm not going to work on it any more. It already feels derivative and I don't know if I could help from pinching the better author's ideas. I like it as a fragment and a piece of a complete world.

1.03.08. Hi everyone who's come in from the Knife thing. Thanks for the cools and the ratings, it's really lovely to wander onto the front page and see yourself in CotC, and to log in and see that you've gained 60 XP and you have five new messages. I had no idea that people would like it, and so I'm really pleased. I'll remember to submit more fiction in the future.

1.16.08. The world would be a better place if every English speaker "got" Achewood. The man Onstad rocks some pretty rough chuckles.

1.23.08. Finished my first senior thesis: a brisk 25 pages on cross-gender/cross-sexuality audience identification in horror films. I'm thinking about plucking some original ideas out and throwing them into the simmering pot of thoughts that is E2. Otherwise...sleep beckons.

1.31.08. I haven't posted new work in a while. I've been busy...between finals and mood swings, I haven't had too much time to write. I'll work on pulling together some nonfiction. The fiction has all gotten excellent feedback, with some people assuming I'm a much better/more competent writer than I actually am (thanks!), but I do get the general sense that it's good to be balanced and not add too much strictly imaginative work to the system. All of that said, I'll probably prep the second chapter (out of four, so far) of Angelic Potential and get it up. I wonder if there's a guide on doing serial fiction on E2, or if that's discouraged in general.

2.03.08. The Seduction of Renfield is up, from my thesis. It's one of my favorite bits of the full paper because it required no research. As usual, I figured out my point, then ran to JSTOR and started to troll for related research to make sure I didn't come off like a damn fool, but I stopped and decided to just write the damn thing. It works okay, and it's a pretty good sample of my academic writing. Now, to clean up Angelic Potential chapter 2.

2.25.08. My laptop went down a week ago, taking most of my writing and my in-progress novella with it. I have now learned the value of regular backups. Alas, too late. I'm working on getting that data off the hard drive now, and then getting my hardware problems figured out. New writeups postponed, indefinitely. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm moore or less shagged.