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"Life's a bitch and so am I."
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I'm extremely hot. I'm the girl who would never talk to you in school. I'm the beautiful college girl who tormented your twisted libido at summer camp. I'm the girl who sticks her nose up at you. If I don't respond to your messages, that's why. I'm a bitch. And I don't like you. Does that turn you on, baby? I think it does.

Things you monkeys have said to me:

randombit says re May 30, 2005: Hey, I eat cat food and live in the woods, and there is nothing creepy at all about that. Cat food is tasty and nutritious, and the woods are nice.

  • Response: Uh, dude, wicked creepy (but somehow hot, I'm not sure why).

jessicapierce says re July 6, 2004: I desire you. In the butt.

  • Response: She's just mad because I'm so much hotter than she does and you know she means it.

ConfusionTheWaitress says So what becomes of women that are born to the 'manly' signs of Pisces, etc? And what is it about them signs that makes them manly? Just curious.

  • Response: Pisces women are manly by nature and they always marry fat, bald guys. It's true. Look it up, moron.

jt says i love you, SCC! you make me throw up.

  • Response: This guy is probably one of those people who has a nose goblin collection under his desk.

Sparkling Penguin says Come back Sexy Camp Counslor! I think I love you!

  • Response: Learn how to spell, Mormon.

amib says *laughs* You are my favorite troll of the moment.

  • Response: I'm not a troll. I'm a princess. Kneel before me and lick my boots. They cost me more than your entire wardrobe.