ChromaFlair is the name Flex Products has given to their Color Shifting Flakes product line. There are 8 premade color shifts provided by Flex Products but many manufactureres choose to specify their own. Color shifts are listed as the two primary colors they shift between, followed by the approximate hue of the color shift at normal viewing angles. The premade color shifts are:

  • Red/Gold 000 - Shifts from red through orange and yellow into green.
  • Silver/Green 060 - Shifts from silver through all shades of green and into purplish blue.
  • Gold/Silver 080 - Shifts from gold to bluish silver.
  • Green/Purple 190 - Shifts from green through blue and red into orange.
  • Cyan/Purple 230 - Shifts from cyan through purple into reddish orange.
  • Blue/Red 280 - Shifts from blue through purple to warm red.
  • Purple/Orange 300 - Shifts from purple through red into orange.
  • Magenta/Gold 334 - Shifts from magenta through red, orange and gold into yellow.

Flex Products also markets ChromaFlair under the name SecureShift Product Authentication Technology. If you buy some expensive piece of software that has a color shifting sticker on it, it's either holographic or ChromaFlair, or maybe both. This works nicely as the SecureShift line uses it's different color combinations so you can't fake it with store-bought ChromaFlair. Also creating ink with ChromaFlair requires expertise and equipment that software, hardware, and other kinds of pirates don't have access to.


Now, which one to color my hair with eh? Seriously, I can't choose.