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"My Picture Left in Scotland" is from Ben Jonson's Poems of Devotion. One of my favorite of his poems.

I now think, Love is rather deaf than blind,
    For else it could not be,
        That she,
Whom I adore so much, should so slight me,
 And cast my love behind:
I'm sure my language to her, was as sweet,
         And every close did meet
      In sentence, of as subtle feet,
           As hath the youngest he,
         That sits in shadow of Apollo's tree.
Oh, but my conscious fears,
      That fly my thoughts between,
      Tell me that she hath seen
    My hundreds of grey hairs,
    Told seven and forty years,
  Read so much waist, as she cannot embrace
  My mountain belly, and my rocky face,
And all these through her eyes, have stopped her ears.