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Webdesign, playing loud music at 1am, and just being stupid
Millbrook HS, working for myself
"Sometimes you're the dog, sometimes your the highdrent"
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I don't really care for describing myself... but, if I must...

I don't really care for crappy environments, I'm a dedicated UNIX'er. I'm a young one at that (17...). I hate script kiddies, and the meer though of cracking into something makes me want to throw up. The word "hacker" kinna makes me kringe, I prefer "geek"...

I'm more of a webdesigner/master then a coder or security nut. Gemme a vim session and some basic HTML 3.2 to do, and I'm happy :).

With my young age comes young love for music. I like messedup stuff like Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and stuff related. I've long had a love for rap music of all kinds. I've been interested in hard core rock stuff for a while now, but I am aware of the "rock's gone down hill since lennon" crap people give me sometimes...

not alot else... I'm new to E2, but a long time Slashdot reader... You won't see much from me except basic stuff about ICP or something...