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Interesting, very interesting:
The godfather of modern-day neo-conservatism is considered to be Irving Kristol, father of Bill Kristol, who set the stage in 1983 with his publication Reflections of a Neoconservative. In this book, Kristol also defends the traditional liberal position on welfare.
More important than the names of people affiliated with neo-conservatism are the views they adhere to. Here is a brief summary of the general understanding of what neocons believe:
They agree with Trotsky on permanent revolution, violent as well as intellectual.
They are for redrawing the map of the Middle East and are willing to use force to do so.
They believe in preemptive war to achieve desired ends.
They accept the notion that the ends justify the means—that hardball politics is a moral necessity.
They express no opposition to the welfare state.
They are not bashful about an American empire; instead they strongly endorse it.
They believe lying is necessary for the state to survive.
They believe a powerful federal government is a benefit.
They believe pertinent facts about how a society should be run should be held by the elite and withheld from those who do not have the courage to deal with it.
They believe neutrality in foreign affairs is ill advised.
They hold Leo Strauss in high esteem.
They believe imperialism, if progressive in nature, is appropriate.
Using American might to force American ideals on others is acceptable. Force should not be limited to the defense of our country.
9-11 resulted from the lack of foreign entanglements, not from too many.
They dislike and despise libertarians (therefore, the same applies to all strict constitutionalists.)
They endorse attacks on civil liberties, such as those found in the Patriot Act, as being necessary.
They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud Party.

It's almost 6am now thursday morning.

the sun has risen & spillt all its light in my windows.

I could tell you the temperature.
It's hot. It's cold. I'm lying.

My words belong to spite & Dostoyevsky & I say them with pride. because I have to.
I write them.
I'm lying.

My head is full of glossy newspaper advertisements & throw away coffeecups.

My head is full of adventure and the future, the next chapter in the plot
(my head is full of plots).

My head is full of thoughts about my friends & family.
They will not be trivialized by novels
the story does not exist to cover the wonderful madness of my loved ones.
I think of them.

Nothing I say is true anymore.
Something I said has truth.

I feel the decay in my words & it saddens me.
I want to carve these words into a brick:
"The time is 5:26am"

I feel like an old man.
Everyday it feels like I get older.
I have no fear of death.

I've felt cosmic vibrations while eating fruit loops. I've smoked a bug.
ha, I repeat,
I've smoked a bug.

Take that, tom mooney.
Take that, allen ginsberg.
I will not drink your tea, take india away from me.
I hate yoga. I practice every day.
Both of these things are false.

I have floundered around too long, far too long, in this silly place.
I am losing, & I hate it.

I am a little boy.

I think I will take my ball, & go home.
- Great is the nothingness, the all that is. I am a being of light.

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