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Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Unknown
Released: 1984
Platform: Commodore 64, Atari 800, Apple II
Controls: Joystick: Left, Right, Up, Down directions, Button to release crystals. Keyboard required for city names.
Features: Educational software that doesn't suck.
Musical score: no info

The Fuzzbomb travels from city to city turning innocent people into Fuzzbodies. You, Agent USA, are the only one who can save the country from the Fuzzbomb. With your special crystals, you can turn Fuzzbodies into normal people again.

All the cities of the United States of America are joined by an extensive network of railways. Navigate the network to stop the fuzzbomb epidemic. You must amass 100 crystals to destroy the fuzzbomb itself (patient zero). A fuzzbody (infected person looking like TV static) can be cured with a single dose. A fuzzbody touching a normal person is infected, unless he carries crystal. Touching a fuzzbody while carrying crystals consumes half your stock.

Fortunately, when dropped, crystals will multiply -- but others want to grab those crystals for their protection, so they'll make a run for it. Should you run out of crystals you will become a fuzzbody yourself but the game is NOT over! You will aim randomly, infecting others until you run into a crystal which will free you again.

Cultivating crystals involves avanced cat herding strategies, as the NPCs move semi-randomly around the screen, but are somewhat attracted by the crystals. I try to go to an out of way town, evict all the citizens by herding them onto trains, plant a few crystals in a corner, then come back to herd any arriving passengers right back onto departing trains.

There's two educational aspects to this game: The obvious one, geography; learning about american cities and capitals (where information can be found about the spread of the disease). The other is epidemiology: At a state capital you can study the disease as it progresses across the country. Although very simplistic, the game model does resemble the spread of an actual epidemic.

Where to play:
On any of the classic 8-bit platforms, Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari 800. Alternately, use one of may emulators like VICe or CCS64. (http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/952/Agent+USA.html)

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