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We all eat genetically modified food. Every day. Do you think that anything like a cow, an ear of wheat, a head of corn occurs naturally? No. All of them are the result of thousands of years of selective breeding by human beings. Not decades, thousands of years. This has being going on ever since the species were domesticated. Do you think that a lapdog occurs in the wild?

Many of our vegetable and animal crops are unable to even survive or reproduce any more without our assistance.

What we are doing now with direct access to the DNA is the same as we have always been doing, only faster. Naturally, it's like driving a car: the faster you go, the quicker you get there, but the more potential there is for people to get hurt when you make mistakes. That’s "progress" for you.

Labeling genetically modified food as such is useless: it's about as interesting a category as "books written using the help of a word processor instead of a typewriter". It won't tell you if the book is worthwhile.

We should be asking: modified how? Is this particular modification a good thing? We should be interested in the details and effects of the end-product, not a detail of the process that produced it. By all means, test new genetic modifications with a skeptical eye. As usual, the public debate is centered on grossly oversimplified versions of the real issues.