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Sutibu: Japanese for Steve. Derived from Greek Stephanos, meaning crown, garland.

What: Student from the netherlands.

Likes: Composing music. Spicy food.

Dislikes: Repetitive music.

Favourite bands/artists atm: Dream Theater, Planet X, Lee Ritenour, Eric Johnson, Van Halen, Paul Gilbert who also plays in Racer X, Mr. Big, Vangelis, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Frank Sinatra


Books I Liked: Dune (!), Perdido Street Station, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance,The Ring of Five Dragons (By Erik van Lustbader), A Brief History of Time, The Wheel of Time series, Discworld series, The Ring (by Daniel Keys Moran)

Just Read: The Magician by Erik E. Feist (and absolutely loved it to death!!)

Current Hobbies / Projects : Building an electric guitar, building a guitar tube amp.