A chocolate bar consisting of a light, air-puffed, wafery substance (feels like crisp rice, but certainly doesn't look like it) coated in milk chocolate. Mr. Big's claim to fame is it's large size, but owing to all the air inside of it, the prize for heavy-weight chocolate bar still goes to the Oh Henry.

They used to sell Mr. Big candy bars at the trading post at the summer camp where I used to work. I hadn't ever seen them before.

I thought that the best feature of the bar was the slogan on the package... "Number 1 with Canada's teens!" Our camp was located firmly within the boundaries of the United States, but the candy sold anyway.

I bought some and thought it was pretty good. I guess those Canadian Teens were on to something! I took one of the sides of a Mr. Big carton and put it in the back of my old car, for the novelty and of course, the slogan. Later on my lousy little brother took it out and threw it away.

I've only seen Mr. Big once since then, in one of those discount grocery stores. I found it amusing and moved on. That was a few years back, and I haven't seen them since, even when I've been to Canada.

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