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Album by Iron Maiden. It was released in 1998, and was the second and last album to have Blaze Bayley on vocals. The overal tone of the album is not as dark as the previous album, The X Factor. This is because the production is better, and the subject of the songs is different. Even though there are only 8 songs on the album, the total playing time is still very high, since there are a few songs that are over 8 minutes long. Ironically, one of Maiden's shortest songs opens the album, which clocks in at only 3 minutes.
The front cover is once again drawn by Melvyn Grant, who also did the cover to Fear Of The Dark.

Blaze Bayley: vocals
Dave Murray: guitars
Janick Gers: guitars
Steve Harris: bass
Nicko McBrain: drums

1. Futureal.
Written by Steve Harris and Blaze Bayley. It's about the dangers of computers taking over too much of your life, and that virtual reality becomes your reality.

2. The Angel And The Gambler.
Written by Steve Harris. A song about an angel that is trying to save a gambler from his demise.

3. Lightning Strikes Twice.
Written by Dave Murray and Steve Harris. This song is about someone who's afraid of lightning.

4. The Clansman.
Written by Steve Harris. Inspired by movies as Braveheart and Rob Roy, this song is about a Scottish clan that is trying get rid of the English oppression.

5. When Two Worlds Collide.
Written by Dave Murray, Steve Harris and Blaze Bayley. This song is about what would happen if someone discovered that an asteroid will collide with Earth.

6. The Educated Fool.
Written by Steve Harris. An introspective song. Most people reach a point in their life where they realise that what they are doing and what they have is not what is important in life.

7. Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger.
Written by Steve Harris. A song about someone who suffers of paranoia.

8. Como Estais Amigos.
Written by Janick Gers and Blaze Bayley. This song is a tribute to the soldiers that died during the Falkland Islands war in 1982.