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'Queen's hair' was a briefly popular color in the 1770s, being a "cindery beige".

The queen in question was Marie Antoinette, who was at that time the queen of France. She was one of the central trend-setters of Europe, and as the story goes, she had just popularized a dark-purple color that the king flippantly declared to be the color of a flea; this did nothing to hurt the color's popularity, and we still call it "puce" -- French for 'flea' -- to this day. Not long thereafter the king made another witty comment, comparing the color of her dress to her hair... and thus, queen's hair was the next Big Thing.

There is some question as to just how accurate this tale is, and it is unquestionable that queen's hair never gained the popularity of puce, but it appears that for at least a brief period, one could indeed ask for fabric in the color of queen's hair and not sound crazy.