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It's the last day of my sophomore year at highschool. The day I couldn't wait to get here. Next year, I'm going to be suffocating in Spanish 1 & 2, Geometry, World History, and probably Algebra 2. Some of my best friends are seniors, and are graduating and going to college. Lucky bastards... Next year will be such a bore without them. My friends and I will be juniors, and we'll begin working on our Senior Projects (designed to increase the average dropout rate of highschoolers). None of us have any idea where to begin. I'm thinking about doing an essay on the effects of increased workloads on students in highschool, just for the irony.

The freshmen will pour in, clogging our hallways by walking in groups, afraid to split up for fear of a senior feeding frenzy. Oh well. That's the circle of life, and if I can survive it, they sure as hell can.

It's gonna be tough for everyone, though, not just for the freshmen. Between classwork, homework, and just plain work, my friends and I are going to have less time to have fun together. Ugh... that's not even taking into account studying for the obsolete but nonetheless required SAT's. And ACT's. Not to mention whatever other acronyms they're going to throw at us, in addition to maintaining our GPA so as to get into our college of choice.


I'm going back to bed.