It is just over three weeks before I move back to Orlando.

After dreams that told me to "find what was lost" I could not find any trace of Tina on the web. Uncertain of her last name, I decided not to attempt to contact people with that last name to ask if they knew her. It was too much of a shot in the dark, at least at this point.

Then came an expanded form of the dream. "Find what was lost. The person who can help you lives on your street." Which was just like the vague clues of the old days like "Go where there is no snow" and "You will have no doubt and the sky will turn to gold." This clue kind of used the same format as "and the sky will turn to gold."

I knew it wasn't a direct reference, as in knowing that there wasn't a person who lived on the street I am currently living on who could help me in my quest. I did realize that maybe I needed to search indirectly by looking for people I knew from that time who also worked at Chili's. I knew quite a few people who worked there and had friendships with many. I started searching names I could remember, and then the name of a person I had not thought about in years came to mind.

Erin was the best friend of Christina. She had been the one to contact me in 2002 when Christina died so that I could come to her funeral. She'd also shared in my vision of Christina running through a field of purple flowers during the funeral. I managed to find her address. She had bought a house with her husband years ago and still lived there.

The name of the street they lived on was the same as my last name. She lives on "my street."

When I found Tina the first time, I was told that when I found her I would have no doubt and the sky would turn to gold. When I saw her, I had no doubt it was her. The place where I found her was located on Golden Sky Lane.

I've written a message in a blank greeting card with a picture of a path through a forest on the front and sent it to Erin. I believe she will respond. There is no reason she would be not want to hear from me.

This is progress.