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My mission? To absorb the sum total of mankind's knowledge.
My specialties? Peversion, Depravity, Ingenuity, and all things Obscure.
The best time for someone to capture your spirit in words is at your eulogy. Give them a couple hundred pages to work with.
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I have no place here. Why? Because I'm inept at HTML, because I've no clue how to use this little wonderland you've created. It seems fairly simple to navigate, but to create myself? That's leaps and bounds beyond me. Perhaps, one day, this will be second nature but for now it's just a mystery to me, like whatever happened to Crispin Glover ?
So ends my half-hearted entrance into this Brave New Worldand so I leave this first edition of an uninformative autobiography with a question for all readers: Would you rather be a prime number or an imaginary number ?