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TheMouse moves on and posts Human flesh for sale in London, a tale of dark deeds amid the teeming metropolis.

I didn't want to write about the Torso in the Thames case itself, (In any case StrawberryFrog has filled in that particular gap as well as doing some material on Muti and Muti Murder that explains much of the background regarding African witchcraft), it was more a case of being struck by the headline in the British Guardian newspaper "Human flesh on sale in London". (For some reason I preferred "for sale" rather than "on sale", hence the change.) I was just struck by the intriguing idea that somewhere in London was a retail establishment with little rows of severed human limbs and other bits and pieces on display.

It did also make me think that it would be much easier for the magical entrepeneur to simply nip down to Sainsbury's or their local butchers and pick up some appropriate items and just say they were human. How would anybody know the difference? Which sort of made my sceptical about the whole idea from the start.

It was probably my first attempt a "real" write up but was unfortunately rather riddled with typos and errors for which I apologise. My genuine thanks to all those who took the trouble to point them out. I now realise that spellcheckers are there for a purpose and have resolved to take the time to try and proofread stuff before I post it.


But just in case anyone thought that TheMouse was losing her touch, of I go and post Free Ticket Booth; a complete piece of nonsense of course, which I think must have annoyed one or two people. But it was really just a comment on the strange way in which Everything2 encourages people to dissect information into the maximum number of pieces possible. This just seems to me to be the opposite of the way in which intelligent people normally work.

All of which leads me to conclude two things;

firstly, that poking fun at the foibles and idiosyncrasies of Everything2 doesn't play very well; (Perhaps everyone leaves their sense of humour at the door.)

but that death, whether of small fluffy animals or children does very well indeed.

So perhaps I should start researching some particularly gory murders or maybe documenting the ins and outs of abattoir practices, both contemporary and historical.

Aren't Sex and Death supposed to be the New Gods?