Hymn by bishop William Walsham How, in Hymns for Mission Services, 1876. The first verse refers to John 12:32, where Jesus is depicted as saying "I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." The tune is 'North Coates', by Timothy R Matthews. This hymn is particularly appropriate for Passiontide, but is not so specific as to restrict itself to that period.

O my Saviour, lifted
From the Earth for me,
Draw me, in Thy mercy,
Nearer unto Thee.

Lift my earthbound longings,
Fix them, Lord, above;
Draw me with the magnet
Of Thy mighty love.

Lord, Thine arms are stretching
Ever far and wide,
To enfold Thy children
To Thy loving side.

And I come, O Jesus;
Dare I turn away?
No! Thy love hath conquered,
And I come today.

Bringing all my burdens,
Sorrow, sin, and care,
At Thy feet I lay them
And I leave them there.

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