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Egypt - Alexander Pappas

We started off in Jordan
And to Egypt took a train
Behold! A giant desert!
Large and blank and plain

We hikéd up Mount Sinai
And stood gazing from the top
Across the Red Sea, Egypt!
A land that was quite hot.

A short hike down the mountain
Some traders we did see,
To travel around Egypt
Some camels did buy, did we.

We went across to Cairo
And boated down to Giza.
We saw the pyramids and the Sphinx,
Before we started to Snore-za.

Then by boat we went to Thebes
And heard about the Sphinx.
We then went the western way,
To the Valley of the Kings-x

We went to Tutankhamen's tomb,
Of the Valley of the Kings.
We now can see what Carter meant
When he said "Wonderful things!"

Boating back to Cairo,
Some farmland we did see
It was... very Egyptian.
As Egyptian as can be.

We went to the Museum,
Not knowing what to see
But Tutankhamen's pectoral
Filled our hearts with glee

And as we at last finish,
Our trip around this land,
We talk a lot together as,
We fly from Egyptian sand.