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Appearing in Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation, Cyber Ninja is one of the more deadly but important and sympathetic characters that Solid Snake encounters.

Early in the game, reports of an assassin wearing Stealth Camoflage and armed with a sword with amazing cutting ability are overheard by Solid Snake and evidence of someone else infiltrating the Alaskan base grows until Solid Snake finally meets Cyber Ninja face to face.

Later, Solid Snake and Cyber Ninja test each other in hand to hand combat over the life of Otacon, with Cyber Ninja dropping hints that Solid Snake once knew him and how only the thrill and pain of combat can make him feel alive.

During the climactic showdown, we learn who Cyber Ninja truly is, what his connection to Solid Snakes past was and the hidden secrets of his past along with that of another important character in the game.

Cyber Ninja has been faithfully reproduced in toy form by McFarlane Toys and while the figure is not terribly posable, it is still an excellent figure if left in it's original pose.