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Acadia University is a university of 3700 full-time students, on a 100 hectare campus, located in Wolfville, in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada, about 100km NW of Halifax. It was founded in 1838.

The current university president is Dr. Kelvin K. Ogilvie.

It is a university most recognized for its award-winning science programs, and it made first place for reputation on quality, innovation, leadership, and overall, according to Maclean's magazine's 2001 university guide. This is due, in part, to an academic initiative by the name of "Acadia Advantage", in which the use of IBM ThinkPad computers, given to undergraduate students, is integrated into school curriculum.

There is also a new centre in development, which includes centres for environmental science and research, with botanical gardens and campus meeting place.

The university sport complex has several softball diamonds, soccer pitches, seven practise fields, an olympic-sized ice surface arena seating 2000, three gymnasia, two swimming pools, an outdoor football/soccer stadium, indoor and outdoor running tracks, and squash, handball, and racquetball courts.

Noted Alumni
Dr. Charles Huggins
Sir Charles Tupper
Charles A. Eaton
Dr. Edgar S. Archibald
Loring C. Christie
James L. Ilsley
Dr. Lillian Chase
Milton Gregg
Norman MacLeod Rogers
Dr. Benjamin Gullison
Harrison McCain
Dr. Freeman Patterson
Bruce Galloway
David Levy
Dr. Dale Frail

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