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These, the formative years, have greatly enhanced my life. I paint therefore I am. It has been a delight to attend a school rich in History and awash with knowledge. I just have a go at taking a chunk of it in.

I'll give you a synopsis of my life to date. Born Edinburgh in 1985. Son of a Head Teacher and a Landscape Architect. I grow up a Gavin Hastings' officianado and an East 17 listener.. things change.. My early drawing features muscles, quads primarily, carried by Rugby players. Arrive at my fathers prep school in 1993, discover my ineptitude at Rugby so turn to football. First love at ten, she broke my heart: then went out with her but had the last laugh and dumped her first, wahey!! Arrive Winchester 1999, a year later I paint in oils for the first time, ever since I think only of Freud, Auerbach, Twombly and Tapies. They shape my art and make me grow up from being a football driven little scamp to an introverted lanky quasi-intellectual. Make real friends with something genuinely fascinating burning inside of them and have conversations over Green Man pints and Twombly paintings that really make me go mmmmm. 2003 is a big year: Nick, Tom, Chorley etc. will leave me; I'll take an a-level and three As'; I'll apply to reunite again with Nick at Ruskin; and I'll be legally allowed to drink.