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Another use for these odd little wonders of nature during my youth was in the construction of cheap and easy Halloween decorations.

Sycamore bugs:
  1. Take the two sycamore balls and de-seed. (If you leave the seeds in you’ll get them all over the house.)
  2. Hot glue the balls to each other. (It doesn’t matter what end you glue to which…they are balls, duh)
  3. Take the pipe cleaners and line them up evenly together.
  4. Hot glue the center of the pipe cleaners to the connection between the two balls.
  5. Glue googly eyes to the far end of one of the balls to make a face.
  6. Spread out the pipe cleaners evenly, and bend them at angles for legs.

Now, you have either a sycamore ant or spider dependant on the number of legs. For variation you could add leaves or the propeller seeds from the sycamore maple.

Then start throwing them at people. Especially annoying sisters.