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A 1985 Jack T. Chick tract.

So, what's bugging JTC now? The King James Version of the Bible, or lack of thereof.

This tract tells about the horrifying Satanic conspiracy (well, what else?) to destroy the Bible. It starts by telling that The Apocrypha isn't part of the Bible, and that Satan influenced the "intellectuals in Alexandria, Egypt, to mutilate Old and New Testament manuscripts of God's Word".

This was the fist attack; Then came (you guessed this) the Catholics who made the Vulgata, the Latin translation of Bible.

Then, the tract tells how Council of Valencia denounced Apocrypha but in Council of Trent Vatican declared Apocrypha "Holy Writ", officially part of the Canon.

Then came the Inquisition. The most immortal part of this tract is, of course, the Pope saying "Death to all heretics!" =)

Then, the Reformation - Luther, Protestants, Tyndale - and then come the eeeeevil Jesuits, led by Ignatius Loyola. Then, lots and lots of conspiracy stuff that even makes my eyes glaze... Anyway, the point: Jesuits start to give the Protestants a hell, but Puritans survived and published a version of Bible without the Apocrypha, so Vatican started to make revised version of stuff based on Alexandrian manuscripts...

...does this sound complicated to you? Maybe Chick is making this conspiracy to sound a bit... tangled. Just like the guy in one picture says, "I don't know what to believe anymore.".

Anyway, the modern-day point here is that the "Vatican is busy secretly pouring millions of dollars into multitudes of new bible translations, each one based on their own corrupted manuscript", the Alexandrian stuff, of course.

Final words of warning here FUD more on the topic, advising that you should "not allow (King James Bible) to be thrown out of your church" because "Your old King James Bible (the Textus Receptus in English) is the infallible Word of God".

So, how do you know if your Bible isn't "tainted"? Well, see 1 John 5:7: If it doesn't say "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one.", your copy of Bible is corrupted.

And remember: "Also beware of Bible footnotes. They often favor the Alexandrian texts."

Damn me, mine says "Todistajia on näin kolme: Henki, vesi ja veri, ja nämä kolme todistavat yhtäpitävästi." I guess this is corrupted. (Never mind the 1992 Finnish translation is also based on Dead Sea Scrolls... Some fundies here still insist using the 1933 translation, but I prefer the 1992 translation because it's actually readable. =)