Fo"li*age (?), n. [OF. foillage, fueillage, F. feuillage, fr. OF. foille, fueille, fueil, F. feulle, leaf, L. folium. See 3d Foil, and cf. Foliation, Filemot.]


Leaves, collectively, as produced or arranged by nature; leafage; as, a tree or forest of beautiful foliage.


A cluster of leaves, flowers, and branches; especially, the representation of leaves, flowers, and branches, in architecture, intended to ornament and enrich capitals, friezes, pediments, etc.

Foliage plant Bot., any plant cultivated for the beauty of its leaves, as many kinds of Begonia and Coleus.


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Fo"li*age (?), v. t.

To adorn with foliage or the imitation of foliage; to form into the representation of leaves.




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