Hap (?), v. t. [OE.happen.]

To clothe; to wrap.

The surgeon happed her up carefully. Dr. J. Brown.


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Hap, n. [Cf. Hap to clothe.]

A cloak or plaid.

[O. Eng. & Scot.]


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Hap, n. [Icel. happ unexpected good luck. .]

That which happens or comes suddenly or unexpectedly; also, the manner of occurrence or taking place; chance; fortune; accident; casual event; fate; luck; lot.


Whether art it was or heedless hap. Spenser.

Cursed be good haps, and cursed be they that build Their hopes on haps. Sir P. Sidney.

Loving goes by haps: Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps. Shak.


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Hap, v. i. [OE. happen. See Hap chance, and cf. Happen.]

To happen; to befall; to chance.


Sends word of all that haps in Tyre. Shak.


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