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What can I say about me, what can I say about me. Let me start on something kind of at the beginning, but not all the way at the beginning. From a fairly young age I was always known to be kind of unusual. People have asked "what is this guy smoking" or "what is he blathering on about again?". Well, man, I'll tell you what I'm blathering about, new shit has um, uh, new shit has come to light! I realized that for years of dealing with people I sort of figured out the more unusual I happen to be, the less people I usually have to deal with. I'm not good at dealing with people in the first person, I like abstraction layers, see? Having an abstraction layer like this allows me to talk about whatever is on my mind without generally being judged on it. My strange sense of humor is occasionally even shared here, and that has developed more a sense of camraderie than I have even with some of my co-workers at the office.

Now I guess I should talk about what inspires me, yeah? I'm inspired by a bunch of different things, pardon me for being vague. Things that inspire me are stories, thoughts, events, and people. I know that's pretty non-specific, but it has to be a particularly interesting story, thought, event, or person. Some of the thoughts, events, stories, and people that inspired me are The post apocalyptic worlds and local scavenging habits of the worlds of Mad Max and Fallout. Angsty grunge music (what can I say, I was a 90s baby!) Major historical events, like the 9/11 incident, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (I was actually inspired by the Pearl Harbor anniversary to write about 9/11, actually) Deep or interesting thoughts, like how much I miss weather (not much of it here in Afghanistan) and finally, but not last (can't remember much more off the top of my head) whatever I really need to vent about (I wrote ennui when I was feeling particularly unhappy)

Now here's the fun part, what do I like to do for fun! I watch movies, tv series on dvd, I play probably more PC games than I should, I play Magic the Gathering, I'm a DnD enthusiast (I unfortunately lack any sourcebooks of any kind), I read webcomics, books, and E2 writeups. I like long walks through the woods and candlelit dinners... wait, wait sorry, wrong stream of thought... though I do enjoy long walks through the woods, only by myself. I also enjoy shooting (it figures, I'm in the Army, right?). I enjoy a lot of things, really, all of which would be hard to list.

Big update here! It's been a long, long time since I've written up on this. In addition to now holding a BS in Computer Applications, I've begun working as a managed services provider, and may have some stories to tell about that! I've also been un-single for quite some time, and have plenty of stuff on that, too. I'm not sure what the overlap between the furry community and e2 noders happens to be, but I'm within that area. If you want to look me up within that fandom, I can message back about that. I hope to get some more writing up here, I miss writing things! More to come later!

My favorite stuff! The Big Lebowski Monty Python and the Holy Grail Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Dragon Age In Uthenera Lord of the Rings (books and movies) Dragonlance Series Donnie Darko Nujabes MC Frontalot One for the Morning Glory Nethack Fallout