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Some other myths, mostly believed by people who have never had sex and derive the sum total of their knowledge from porn written by other people who have never had sex but are writing about what they think sex may be like:

  • Any woman when confronted with some sexual situation which they dislike will immediately be "betrayed by her body" and "start getting wet."
  • Some women when raped will confess that they "always fantasized about that" and liked it. (Who was the idiot who came up with that one?)
  • When a woman is aroused she loses any semblance of free will.
  • Most women have "long, thick" nipples, often ranging up to a half inch or more long.
  • Most women "never really thought of having sex with another woman," but will enjoy it immensely and want to do it again after the first time.
  • Women are always turned on by exhibitionism, such as being conned (or forced) into having sex in the middle of a party.
  • Women love being tied up and their nipples attacked by things like clothespins.

Those were taken from a quick search through the gutter of a USENET newsgroup alt.sex.stories.moderated.

Now for some which aren't from pr0n, usually also from guys who have never had sex but think that they know what it is like:

  • Women love being spanked, having their breasts slapped around. and having their nipples basically twisted off.
  • Women would much rather prefer a quickie cheap sex episode than a guy who takes his time with her.
  • All women just love giving oral sex to a man. If a woman does not enjoy it, then after giving it the first time she will enjoy it forever thereafter.
  • All women love to swallow semen.