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The Phoenix hath a Bell for Sound; Fire for Sight; a    Knife for Touch; two cakes, one for taste, the other
   for smell.
He standeth before the Altar of the Universe at
   Sunset, when Earth-life fades.
He summons the Universe, and crowns it with
   MAGICK Light to replace the sun of natura light.
He prays unto, and give homage to, Ro-Hoor-Khuit;
   to Him he then sacrifices.
The first cake, burnt, illustrates the profit drawn
   from the scheme of incarnation.
The second, mixt with his life's blood and eaten,
   illustrates the use of the lower life to feed the
   higher life.
He then takes the Oath and becomes free
   unconditioned-- the Absolute.
Burning up in the Flame of his Prayer, and born
   again-- the Phoenix!

page 134


      This chapter is itself a comment on Chapter 44.


      (33) Twig? = dost thou understand? Also the Phoenix takes twigs to kindle the fire in which it burns itself.

page 134

Original text by Aleister Crowley
Commentary by Karl Gerner
I need your help! This stuff is very cryptic, feel free to provide your own commentary.