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Harpy Gee is the cutest fucking thing ever. Every time I read it I want to puke rainbows and hug kittens.

Okay, let me back up.

Harpy Gee is a webcomic by artist and real-life animator Brianne Drouhard. It was started in 2014(ish) and hosted on the Dumm Comics website (which is also home to other webcomics). However, it has gotten its own website hosted by Hiveworks and can now be found here as well. Both of these websites update on Mondays, so at the moment there's no fear of following one site and being left behind with out of date updates.

The story follows Harpy, an elf adventurer in a fantastical, vaguely-RPG-like land full of giant slug monsters who respawn like videogame characters, evil plant monsters who eat magic, hungry goblin-cats, and snotty royals as she and her friendly goblin-cat, Pumpkin, make friends in the quaint village of Podunkello. (Pumpkin is basically like a lazier, less dangerous version of the Luggage from the Discworld novels).

What begins as a short stay turns into a long term living arrangement as Harpy finds herself making friends among the Podunkello citizenry, specifically with a young guardsman names Ash, a witch doctor (in that she is both a witch and a healthcare professional) named Opal who runs the local shop, and the grouchy Prince Humphrey (who would really like it if everyone just please left him alone because he has been having A Very Bad Day, thanks). Humphrey, like Harpy, isn't actually from Podunkello; he's just visiting his uncle-- the jovial and mischievous Duke-- because of Secret Issues he is having that he doesn't want anybody to know about, just go away gaaaawd.

As the story progresses, we begin to learn more about Harpy's past: specifically why she doesn't live with the other elves and prefers to fight with melee weapons instead of magic like every other member of her species, what her relationship to the elusive (and snotty) Elfin royal family is, why she has yellow eyes, and where the heck she got a pet cat-dragon. While the focus is mostly on Harpy, other characters also have their own share of worries and secrets. Ash might not be the guardsman he's been hired to be, Humphrey is having some uncomfortable and distinctly magical growing pains, the Duke seems to know way more than he's letting on about anything that happens, and Humphrey's sister Princess Halesia is too annoying not to be up to something.

The art style of this comic is utterly endearing and at times very poignant. The palette is typically very bright or pastel, but that makes the more dramatic moments when the colors change even more dramatic. Even when horrifying revelations about death and the tragic backstories of characters are being revealed, the art maintains the style while also creating an emotional ambiance. It's awesome. And adorable. And occasionally heart-rending.

I 100% recommend this comic.