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mission drive within everything
stress - it's not just a condition, it's a lifestyle
Beer, wine, guitar, cooking
Have fun or die tryin'
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Scorpio from Louisville, Ky. St. Ann, St. Xavier, University of Louisville. I have a BA in Communication/Public Relations from the later. I have worked in a variety of trades in a variety of cities but am currently employed as a Programmer Analyst for a tech company that provides services to financial institutions at a national level.

I love music, food, drink and everything bacchanalian. I am either manic-depressive or AD/HD but have never been diagnosed as either. I am kind of pessimistic/sarcastic (REAL medical condition), but not in a hurtful way. More like Seinfeld.

I do enjoy the great outdoors. On Saturdays in the the summer, you will find me mowing the lawn. On some Sundays, I take a five mile hike through a local pasture all the while swinging a stick at a 1.5 inch diameter ball. Frustrating as it is, it is good excercise. Other outdoor recreation includes me walking to and from my car in the parking lot at work and shovelling snow in my driveway.