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Yeah but unfortunately I work with one of those techs who actually knows very little. Erm, when I think about that its not strictly true... He does know a lof of stuff about certain things, for example printers but absolutely diddly about the sort of day to day stuff we have to deal with.

The thing that's even scarier is that he's supposedly a senior technical support analyst. I think the only thing senior here is that he's nearly old enough to get a bus pass. Genuinely though, there are problems. He tries to be ever so efficient but just ends up being annoying as hell. We live and work in a modern society full of technology. The paperless office? Pah, not when Bungle is about... he insists on printing everything, even if it is a stupid one-line email that has been sent to all-users (like all 3000 of them!) so the message header takes about 4 pages then there's this poxy little 13 word message at the end.

We produce crib sheets for just about anything you can think of in our line of work, and true to form Bungle prints them all out and sticks them in a folder. But lo and behold, he never looks at them. So the next time he comes to do something, whoever happens to be in the office gets bugged senseless with 'how do I do this?' type questions. And not just once or twice, but over and over again.

I'd hate to think its just sour grapes because he gets paid an awful lot more than I do, but its not just me who notices it. I have no doubt that with certain types of job he is perfectly competent (I wouldn't and don't hesitate to ask him about HP printers for instance) but he just seems to lack a grip on the basic stuff like how to partition a hard drive.