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Welcome to Word Enchilada S01E01

We write prototypes, eat enchiladas and get in fights


A microquest for Everything2 in the spirit of Game Jams


The updated rules are in Word Enchilada Rules, but here’s the TL;DR

  1. Just before the Quest starts, a theme will be revealed;
  2. You have 48 hours to write a prototype1 that follows2 the theme;
  3. You post the prototype in this node;
  4. You give a 0--5 star rating for a fellow participant;
  5. ???
  6. Profit! You will receive fabulous prizes3

After the Quest is over, you’re encouraged to give the noder below you some feedback on their prototype. Bear in mind: the goal of Word Enchiladas is to write for fun and outside of one’s comfort zone, so be constructive and be kind.


The theme for this Enchilada is:


E2 Rot13 Encoder

The suggested nodetype is:


Start and end times

The Word Enchilada starts at February 26, 2021 12:00 PM and ends at February 28, 2021 12:00 PM in whatever time zone you observe.

Notes for today: Prototype Enchilada. Please message andycyca for any and all comments, suggestions and complains about the Quest. How can these Quests improve in the future?


noder prototype feedback good enchilada Enchilada master’s notes and extra GP total
RedOmega Y N Good enchilada! That was quick! And very well executed :) 15
ameriwire Y N 5
npecom Y Y (via private message) 10
Jet-Poop Y N 5
Glowing Fish Y N 5
BookReader Y Y 5
nicolasstag Y Y Good enchilada! For being the first to actually leave feedback! 20
vongrim Y Y 10
Zephronias Y YYY! Good Enchilada! This captures the spirit of Enchiladas! Weird prototypes that could become a larger thing! 20
JD Y N Good Enchilada! I’d love to read more on this! This takes the theme in a completely different direction and I like that :) 15
SexyCampCounselor Y N It’s true that this place doesn’t have as much written sex as it did! 5

Closing notes

2021-02-28 20:35 GMT-0600: The first ever Word Enchilada is now over and I'm floored by the reception. I'm ecstatic so see so many good noders taking part in my silly first Quest. While I'm real-life tired right now, I promise I'll go through these and give awards soon. (Tem42, I'll write you soon)

On another note, thanks for actually leaving feedback on your fellow noders. The Game Jams on which this Quest is inspired usually have a panel of judges to give feedback and awards on individual projects, but I figured that would require way too much work here. Instead, I believe it's better for everyone to give small bits of feedback on each other so that the other goals of this Quest (i.e. actually improving as a writer) can be fulfilled.

And lastly, pleasepleaseplease send me any and all feedback or ideas on how to improve these Quests. My initial idea was to have these weekly, but that might be too much? Also, some people expressed their interest in having similar quests on weekdays or other time windows. What do you think about that?

Thank you for participating. Hope to see you soon! --Andy

  1. The word “Prototype” is important here: you’re expected to write a quick draft, not a perfect, well edited writeup.

  2. The phrase “Following the theme” is purposefully ambiguous. Be creative :)

  3. Actually, some GP, depending on how much the E2 gods can spare… Watch this space for updates There's some GP for participants! See the rules for more information