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My idea of a 'lot' of snow is permanently skewed.

With all the drifting I'm unsure 'exactly' how much snow there is, but definitely more than 2'. I thought it would be cool having so much snow, but now I'm not so sure. Walking in the snow is impractical except on plowed sidewalks and the roads that have been plowed. Even school being off is not a big deal, last year I would have been thrilled but now it's just... another one. I've only been to school 2 days last week, I'm starting to miss it.

It was pretty surreal last night. 100-150 yards away, the neighborhood faded into white. I would plow the sidewalk some, investigate snow formations, come back and there'd be another inch where I plowed. The snow clicked so much on my hat I could still hear imaginary snowflakes pelting my head as I fell asleep. Yet it wasn't dark; the snow reflected all the light the streetlights gave out. I felt like I was trapped in a small bubble of light, while contained to a narrow track of previous footsteps.

This winter has just been a freak of nature. Nearly 2' in December followed by more than 2' in February? The last time this has happened must have been 100 years ago. This kind of thing is normal in some places, but not the mid-Atlantic.

Oh yeah, it's supposed to snow Tuesday. I can't wait!