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A case for milk drinking:

A study carried out by McMaster University took 3 groups of young men (56 in total) ages 18-30 and put them through a rigorous 5 day a week weightlifting program for 12 weeks. After each workout the men drank either 2 cups of skim milk, a soy beverage with equivalent protein and energy or a sports drink with equivalent energy.

At the end of the study those who drank milk lost 2 pounds of fat; those who drank sports drink lost 1 and the soy drinkers lost none. The milk drinkers came out on top for muscle gain as well, gaining 63% more than the sports drink drinkers and 40% more than the soy drinkers.

While one of the funding sources was questionable (US National Dairy Council) the results look very promising for those seeking to gain muscle and lose fat.