Shaun Cassidy was born September 27, 1958. He is the child of actor Jack Cassidy and actress Shirley Jones. He has three brothers, Patrick, Ryan, and former Partridge Family teen idol, David Cassidy.

He is most famous for his short lived singing career (his hit "Da Do Ron Ron" reached #12 on the German charts in April of '77...I had the 8 track) and for his portrayal of character "Joe Hardy" in The Hardy Boys television series.

Currently he is producing a couple of television series, including "Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family" and "The Agency". In 1993, he made his Broadway debut with his brother, David, in Willy Russell's "Blood Brothers".

He is married to Susan Diol and they have one daughter. He also has two children with former wife Anne Pennington.

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