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It is not unusual to fluctuate from hobby to hobby before finding one that is worthy of a lot of continued devotion.
At times one even returns to old hobbies that he has abandoned.

But first of all, one should remember what a hobby is: something supposed to be fun. It is not a punishment that some evil god imposed on us. It is not a way to look cool. It should not be a form of suffering, but rather something one looks forward to.
There is no obligation to excel in a hobby - otherwise you might as well be a pro, right ?

There is entertainment even in variety for variety's sake. And then there are circumstances. I like hiking in the mountains, at a certain point in my life I did it quite a bit. Circumstances today prevent me from hiking. Should I make it a holy objective, and crucify myself on the cross of inconvenience for the sake of consistence ? No. I do that enough at work.
I will simply wait for better circumstances.

Your sense of guilt is certainly cultural. Let me guess, you come from an Anglo-Saxon culture, right ?