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I don't mind the occasional spontaneous wandering hands (in fact, i quite enjoy them), but what bothers me is a frantic messy rush to get to my breasts with little or no thought given to anything else. Please, my breasts are not a finish line. Example:

I give you the stare, the one that means I want to be kissed, and we lean in slowly, careful not to rush the moment. A delicate kiss, your hands on the back of my head. We're enjoying the slowness of it all, when suddenly you realize "OH MY GOD - SHE HAS BOOBIES!" and you plunge into my cleavage in a matter of seconds, forgetting that I have a face or a neck or even thoughts to be stroked lovingly. You remain in my chest area until I get bored and turn on the TV, at which point you either get the hint and mumble an apology or I physically remove you from my body. Boys, boys, boys.....this is not a good thing.

So if you do decide to take the plunge (no pun intended, well, maybe it was, come to think of it), do it with care. Don't forget that the rest of me exists in your blind frenzy to get to one particular area of my body. Maybe next time we can work on the rest of it. :)