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Leicester is an important multlicultural city in England. It has a large number of residents who are of Indian, Pakistani and middle-eastern descent. This makes it a thriving and interesting place to be. By 2010 the white population will be in the minority. Yet Leicester is not a city with serious racial problems unlike London, Bradford and Oldham. It is a positive reflection on the good that can come of a diverse society. There are increasing numbers of Mosques and Temples.

It has a football team, Leicester City that is just moving into a new 34,000 seater stadium but is now to play in Division 1. It has a Rugby Union team Leicester Tigers that has won three championships in a row and are the current holders of the European Cup. It is for its Rugby team that Leicester is best known in the sporting world.

It is also home to Walker's Crisp's and the birthplace of such people as Gary Lineker and The Elephant Man. It has two universities: Leicester and De Montfort the former of which is famous for astronomy and discovering genetic fingerprinting. It is also one of the oldest towns in Britain although there is little evidence left of this save for the Roman ruins of the Jewry Wall.