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okay, I usually don't ask a lot from our user base...

Wait, I take that back, maybe I do... or did...or what the hell.

Anyway, this one ain't on me, it's for borgette as she tries to steer herself through the last days of college and besides, it ain't about her, it's about maybe a couple of you getting some more eyeballs on your hard earned work. So here's where I'm going cuz' there's no telling where I been.

Do something nice if you can...

Here's her FB post in its entirety.

"If you're a non-male and have written anything (anything) cool that hasn't already been published, send it my way! I need to make a literary journal for a class and have only two (2!) submissions. Help me graduate college please!

C'mon E2, you know you got it in ya.

Don't make me beg, it's beneath me and it's above you but I will if I have to.

You can shoot it to bobgrobot@gmail.com and I'll do the rest and make sure it goes where it needs to be going.

Pat yourself on the back, you did a good freakin' thing.